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Are you missing out on all the latest happenings at Rob's World!? Do you want to know what's going on? Craving the information? If you're life is a little too busy to check the "What's New?" page, then the newsletter is the solution you're looking for. Lately (2013-), I've fallen a bit behind on the newsletter (my "What's New?" blog), but I'm working hard to catch up.

I do my best to send out an electronic newsletter once a month. The newsletter comes out during the first week of each month. It's a recap of happenings in the life and times of Robert & Kim Vaessen, and Robert's strange little web site. Full of comical ideas and insipid insight, Rob's World! will entertain and illuminate, slap you silly and instigate some inspiration. Stop by today, for a double dose of "Rob's World!". If you know someone else who would enjoy my Web Site, and/or newsletter, just point them my way.

Regarding my plan: As of Dec, 2018 I have a firm plan in hand to actually update my website. I've been working on the website (Mostly just the D&D pieces) all the time (since late 2013 - when I started to fall behind). The plan involved three steps to claw back some time. Steps One and Two was quitting a couple of websites/effortst that were sucking away a large amount of my time. Those two efforts (which each had their own websites) have been put asside. Actually I sold one of the websites, and the other's in 'caretaker' status now. Step three was the elimination of some blog entries regarding Apple's OS updates and product announcements. I won't be blogging about routing OS updates or products that I don't purchase/own. "Rob's World!" isn't intended as an Apple product announcement/coverage website. I might post about Apple's OS or products in the future, but only as it concerns me directly (a problem, issue or kudos for something I own or affects me directly). Implementing these three steps has allowed me to reclaim a considerable amount of time which I plan to use in order to catch up on my personal website.

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