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Many of the materials available at my web-site (Rob's World!) were created for use while playing D&D®, the greatest game ever created. At times, I will refer to and/or make use of copyrighted and or trademarked materials. I do not post whole sections of rules, and am not attempting to challenge the copyright/trademark holders rights. I am not am employee of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. (WoTC), nor am I receiving any compensation (monetary or otherwise) in exchange for making these materials available to the gaming public. This is not an 'official' WotC/Dungeons & Dragons® web site. The materials available here are not 'official' D&D® products. I have created these materials to be useable in any Fantasy Role Playing (FRP) campaign. If you think you might be able to modify my materials slightly, in order to fit your campaign; then by all means do so. You have my permission. I hope that you find some of the materials presented here to be of use in "your" game. Please see the "Disclaimer" for more legalize gobbledegook.
Welcome to my Campaign pages. I hope you'll find something interesting that you can add to your FRP campaign. Feel free to use any of these ideas to enhance your game play. I've tried to make these items useable in any game system, so you may have to adjust them slightly in order to fit them into your world. If you have any ideas or comments regarding any of the materials on my web pages don't hesitate to send me some e-mail. I'm always eager to discuss campaign matters with other Players and GM's. Have fun, Game on!.

Robert L. Vaessen

Now for the main course. Listed here are several links to various Fantasy Role Playing Campaign related materials, House rules, Character sheets, Handouts, Magical Items, etc... Enjoy!

  check   My current 3E D&D Campaign. Details of the campaign I'm currently DM'ing/running.  
  check   A whimsical collection of quotes from players in my D&D campaign.  
  check   A listing of characters from the campaign. A Gallery of Hero's both past and present.  
  check   The Realms of my campaign. Planets, Governments, Continents and maps.  
  check   A Calendar for any Fantasy World.  
  check   Mixed chart Saving rolls/resistance checks. And other rules regarding die rolling.  
  check   The "Renown" score/attribute.  
  check   How to handle player knowledge of Monsters and other things.  
  check   A complete equipment listing.  
  check   Something for the wealthy Adventurer. Clone Insurance.  
  check   In-depth rules regarding spell casting in a FRP Campaign.  
  check   A review and explanation of how characters acquire Proficiencies skills & Styles. How to spend your character points.  
  check   A cross-indexed table of Combat skills. A detailed table containing costs, pre-requisites, and references.  
  check   Unique Skills/Talents an adventurer might learn.  
  check   A House Rules system for handling Saving Throws in a more logical manner.  
  check   A series of combat house rules. Developed as alternatives to rules used in copyrighted games.  
      A system of describing someone or something's Defensive/Protective rating.  
      Combat rules covering the Strike Number and attack resolution.  
      A set of rules for determining the Vitality of an object or person.  
  check   The framework for a series of Guilds in your FRP Campaign.  
  check   A dissertation on the standardization of currency minting/exchange.  
  check   Rules regarding standardized trade bars used by merchants.  
  check   A bunch of unique Magic Items created for my campaign.  
  check   A compilation of original Spells researched by players in my campaign.  
  check   A set of monetary conversion house rules which can be used to convert teeth & claws to silver & gold.  
  check   A set of house rules to calculate the deterioration of armor due to critical hits.  
  check   Even more rules. Rules governing the selection of weapons and armor, and penalties for their illegal use.  
  check   A series of playing aids designed to help organize your campaign.  
  check   A discussion/debate. The Rules Lawyer goes over some of the confusing, and sometimes contradictory AD&D® rules.  
  check   An original Adventure/Scenario. For use in your Fantasy Role-Playing campaign. (It's started, but not complete yet.)  
  check   An area where you can access the PBeM files and materials used in my Play By e-Mail AD&D® campaign.  
  check   A fairly thorough disclaimer you might find interesting. Please keep in mind that I am not a lawyer or attorney.  
  check   Rules covering the creation of New characters in the middle of an ongoing campaign.  
  check   House rules covering the permitted alignments in the campaign, the play of evil characters, deities that characters may select, and some rules regarding divine intervention.  
  check   How are experience points aquired and expended? These rules cover all the fundamentals. Experience point accumulation, as well as time and costs associated with gaining a new level.  

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